This is our studio space where unique and refreshing ideas manifests. A team of inspired designers work towards our philosophy - throughout our development, there is a process of elimination,  [paring] back initial thoughts right to the core, where only essential retains. metaphorically represented by multiple layers in a allium cepa, also known as [onion] 

Hence, we are

F&B Interior Design


Office Interior Design + Build

Canada Goose Headquarter

Mixed Use Interior Design

Greatwall Complex

F&B Interior Design

The Century

Retail Interior Design + Build

PHB Windsor House

Office Interior Design + Build

Golik Office

Residential Interior Design 

Mcmahons Point Private Residence

F&B Interior Design

Conrad Hotel Pacific Bar

Visual Identity Design

Golden Century

Visual Identity Design

Paring Onions

Airport Lounge Interior Design

Blossom Changi

Retail Interior Design

Moutai Australia Store

Product Design


Design Guidebook

China Merchants Bank