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CAFE DECO_L1 ENTRY_edited.jpg

Cafe Deco Bar & Grill


Hong Kong

Paring Onions initiated the concept and design scheme for one of the landmark restaurant located at The Peak, Hong Kong. The restaurant consists of 2 levels of dining space. The concept is to refresh the 3000sqm area to accommodate its new branding launch and functional requirement. Level 1 is to be retained as the primary space for casual dining and a-la-carte, complimented with an alfresco dining balcony which possesses a un-challenged view of Hong Kong. As a contrast, level 2 was designed to emphasize on corporate and business events, combined with innovative treatment to existing structural voids. A new bar area is introduced to compliment the corporate culture, whilst integrating customized feature displays for the restaurant’s high demand of wine storage. The restaurant shall provide a refreshing dining experience situated in one of the most significant location in Hong Kong.

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