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POLY TOWER_ceo's office 10_edited.jpg

Poly Tower


Guangzhou, China

 A minimalist and monolithic approach is adopted for the design.

The materials palette is minimal and emphasis on the cleanliness with its minimum joints and junctions.

Alucobond metal panels are adopted for the ceiling and columns with a maximum panel size of 1.75m x 11m. The core is wrapped around with Barrisol stretchable membrane wall which creates a perfectly smooth and even finish. Taking advantage of the material’s light transmitting property, LED panels are intalled behind giving a back projection effect of essential information updates at a glance, such as time & date, weather forecast, stock, etc. Replacing traditional Bloomberg TV in a contemporary and yet minimal approach.

Metal slats details are introduced around the core, so that services access doors could be seamlessly concealed.

The functions of reception and gallery are integrated at the main entrance.

A 18m long continuous bench providing a scale to the 10m height space. Models of company projects are being displayed along the bench giving visitors a journey of introduction of the company.

A three-storey atrium is being introduced, visually and physically connecting casual meeting floor, breakout floor and clubhouse. Terrace structure allows sufficient natural daylight coming from glass roof and facade. Glass steps and steel structure stairs enhance transparency and further lightened up the space.

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