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Sydney, Australia

The project is to design a brand new casual dining restaurant for Golden Century group, inspired by one of the most well known dish served by Golden Century over the years.A dish which has been described as Sydney’s 20 iconic dishes by Sydney Morning Herald - Stir Fried Pippies in Golden Century XO sauce.

The design of the restaurant aims to exemplify a unique dining experience for a new generation of diners. They will be surrounded by an eccentric combination of concrete architectural envelope, gigantic mechanical ducts, balanced with a mixed palette of natural timber, leather, woven flooring, just to name a few.


The dining area features a light palette of finishes to emphasise the transparency of the building facade, relishing ample daylight and airiness to the dining space. A Barrisol reflective ceiling seamlessly hovers along the dining area to provide a sense of containment and distinct itself from a relatively open space, collated with giant semi-recessed customised pendants made with Schumacher fabric.  Bolon – a woven floor covering from Sweden is applied throughout the dining space, providing a clean, sleek, yet warm to touch palette. Furniture are carefully curated with Dedece in Sydney, with Magis dining chairs and customised Kubikoff bar stools, focusing on comfort,  with their overall aesthetic will compliment the overall dining experience.


The bar area presents itself as a darker ‘relative’ of the dining room – consistent with design details but with a twist. The dark wood veneered tables and leather banquette seating adds a more rustic and cozy environment for people to drink, nibble and relax. Dimly lit with the carefully selected pendant lighting by Tom Dixon and Secto, the bar will be popular destination for pre-dinner cocktails or a nightcap after dinner.

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