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Mcmahons Point Residence


Sydney, Australia

Listed by the heritage council for its historic significance, any modification to the building including the interiors was carefully monitored by the council to ensure the key historical character of the house is preserved. The design however, did not restrict itself to a more inspiring approach.  The brief is to transform its interiors to adapt a contemporary life-style. The planning of the house was re-configured to adapt to a more contemporary living style, including the conversion of the attic into a bedroom, and excavation of the basement to implement a professional wine cellar*, providing a secure home to 5,500 bottles of vintage fine wine. Integrating with selection of finishes, furniture, sanitary ware and kitchen, the outcome is a ‘dream-house’ customized for the owner in every aspect. *The cellar was featured as the poster theme for the documentary film RED OBSESSION in 2013.

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