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Huawei Headquarter VIP Villa


Shenzhen, China

This 3 stories villa is located in Huawei’s Shenzhen headquarter. Paring Onions is responsible for the interiors and landscape design. The interiors is designed with touches of Middle East culture, specifically tailored to provide a resting / accommodation for Huawei’s VIP and clienteles. The building comprises of pavilions of main entry, conference room, living room, dining area, and a number of self-contained suites featuring a high level of finishes and craftsmanship.

The design captivates the minimalist nature of the architectural fabric, attentions are paid to details and functions to create a unique ambience – paying respect to the Islamic influence.

The landscape design comprises various water features as well as a outdoor lounging ‘sanddune’, all made up of a hexagonal stone tile arrangement that carries into the interiors.

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