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Greatwall Food Precinct


Wuhan, China

Designed to be a vibrant public area to showcase a collection of local and international cuisines. The objective is to create a casual yet urbane dining environment to accommodate the corporate population. Located at the basement of the Wuhan Chang Cheng Hui commercial center, the food precinct sits at the base of a 5 stories high atrium, allowing ample natural daylight flowing into the space. The dining area and kiosks are purposely separated in layout to distinct itself from a typical food court. The concept is to provide a space that resembles the experience of restaurant dining, avoiding visual clutter and interference triggered by constant perimeter traffic. A sense of enclosure is formed by a custom designed suspended screen, made by a series of hanging timber blades coated with special silver finish. Lighting also plays a significant part to endorse a comfortable ambience featuring oversized red rattan pendants and integrated skylights that captures natural daylight from the Ground floor level.

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