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20190412 ADELAIDE CASINO_BAR_edited.jpg

Bay Valley Science & Technology Park

Public Space Interior

Shanghai, China

interior design


The Bay Valley Science & Technology Park is a 16 hectare campus technical business park
development that is organized around a series of large courtyards and a central community
garden. Key objectives of the master plan are to create a good sense of scale, neighborhood
and community, a great environment for people to work in and a flexible design that meets the
client’s future market expectations featuring office headquarters.
Paring Onions collaborated with the architects to design the concept for the public interior
spaces. The result is a scheme to compliment the surrounding architecture, suggesting a strong
sense of individuality, creating a unique ‘folding’ concept for each public spaces. Provide a
consistent design language that can be modified to suit various floor-plate.

READesign China Award 2014-2015 - Finalist

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